Welcome to Guilianna's

Tell your story of Love, Passion, or Family over authentic Italian cuisine

Amore, Passione & Famiglia

Everything that we are creating at Guilianna’s in the space, the team within the business and the customers that we are attracting is based around our core values of LOVE, PASSION and FAMILY. Love of food, passion for life and connection to family.

Our strategy is to build a strong reputation across the North Shore, and greater Auckland as the place for customers to feel this through our delivery of authentic Italian cuisine created from produce by our partnerships with NZ primary industry.

Front of House


There are two things that Italians love more than anything else, their Mamma and Nonna, and Italian food.  Many of the recipes we will be using in Guilianna’s are hundreds of years old and cuisine that Mamma’s and Nonna’s cook for their families every day based on seasonal produce even in their major cities. As lockdown disrupted families and friends in many ways we are going to be delivering this same experience in a transformative way not just in the restaurant but as a quality take away service as well as meal kits which will be able to extend the love of Italian food into the homes of people within our community. The alure of Italian romance and their vivacious nature are woven into the fabric of Guilianna’s from the team that we have within the business and the experiences that we delivery to our customers. This will all be communicated through our brand messaging and social media, our special Italian style service, and our venues décor and furnishing which will reflect a modern Italian trattoria in the heart of Torbay.


There is no argument that Italian’s are nothing but passionate. It exudes from them in every conversation and every connection and is always associated with their food and also their family. Guilianna’s Team are passionately committed to providing authentic Italian cuisine from the Central region of Italy. Our chefs are from Italy and have 40+ years experience cooking Italian cuisine between them. There is no nation more passionate about their food than the Italians and their cuisine is enjoyed in every country across the world.  We are excited to be bringing Little Italy to the North Shore for our community to enjoy by coming to the restaurant, enjoying Italian music, attending our pasta making classes, running their corporate team meetings, celebrating a special occasion or enjoying one of the special events that we will be running outside of normal service for example The Godfather evening, Carnevale from Venice and Andrea Bocelli special birthday event.


For all of us and most particularly Italians everything is about family. Lockdowns have disrupted our normal routines and have led us all to really appreciate the challenges of being separated from our loved ones whether extended family and also friends. An appreciation of the simple and important things in life has also been a key part of what many of us have learned. We all remember significant occasions from our childhood, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings plus other celebrations, and even the Sunday roast all shared with family and friends. Guilianna’s will become a destination location for families to celebrate the events in their life and share love and memories.